Kavanaugh: Defeat in Victory?
Even as conservatives are celebrating the appointment of Bret Kavanaugh, a number of critics are wondering if the victory is not in some ways a defeat.
A Second Accuser Comes Forward
Judge Bret Kavanaugh's accuser - the first one - has agreed to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, while a second accuser has come forward.
POTUS: Parade Is Off
The national military parade touted by the Trump Administration and slated for November, is a no-go - at least for now.
Rep. Ellison Faces Abuse Charges
U.S. Representative from Minnesota - and contender for the Minnesota Attorney General position - Keith Ellison is facing accusations of abuse from an ex-girlfriend.
Outlawed 3-D Gunmaker Fights On
A self-described "little anarchist" in Texas is among a number of Americans fighting for their right to bear arms - more specifically, arms made at home via a 3-D printer.
New Helmet Law Puzzles Many
The NFL's new helmet regulation is proving to be a puzzle to many - including some of the players and coaches most directly affected by it.

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