The East Coast is getting a hard punch of winter weather this week as air travel is already being impacted with as many as 1700 flights being canceled according to the National Weather Service.

Getty Images- Bloomberg

The government has already shut down as Washington DC is expecting its heaviest snow in three years.

According to the Weather Channel:

Snow will spread east of the Appalachians into the D.C.-Philadelphia corridor Tuesday morning, though the heaviest snowfall rates may hold off until just after the morning commute. Snow will then quickly zip northeast into New York City, Boston, and points in between during the midday and afternoon hours.

With the heavy snow and storm will come canceled and delayed flights out of the area airports, and as always will  have a domino effect throughout the rest of the country. We checked with Bismarck Municipal Airport, and as of the publishing of this story, no delays are expected, but if your flying out of Bismarck, traveling to the east coast, you're advised to check with your carrier.

Some of the major cities affected by the storm are Washington, DC, Boston, Philly, Baltimore and New York City.

[Source: Weather Channel]