Why You Need Travel Insurance
Why You need Travel Insurance
1. Protect your Investment- What happens if someone gets sick and can’t travel, a parent dies, you’re required to work, or your house floods? If you don’t have travel insurance you cannot recover yo…
Expert Tips
Expert Tips
1. Tips for travel sickness:
- learn natural acupressure points.
- natural ginger can help calm digestive upset.
- get out and walk around the block. Sunshine and fresh air will help.
- Stay away from alcohol and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...
MB Schmidt-Quainoo, Owner
MB's zest for travel began in the 70’s while she was planning a high school graduation trip to Hawaii. She started her agent career right after college in the spring of 1984. From travel books piled high on her desktop to hand written codes on airline tickets, today's techn…
Expert Services
The three seasoned travel experts at Northland Travel offer their invaluable experience. There is no question to small.
10 Reasons to use a travel agent:

Expert Guidance: They are experts helping travelers get where they need to go and helping open up possibilities most people would not have consider…
Common Questions
Q: When should I book to get the largest savings?
A: The sooner the better. You'll see the most savings by booking at-least 6 months out from your departure date.
Q: Why use a travel agent?
A: Without a travel agent “you’re on your own...