Recently, in Williams County, North Dakota, a 14-year old led police on a chase as the teenager had taken his mother's car. The chase wasn't the joy ride he thought it would be.

Authorities in Williams County say the car chase happened at approximately 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning (December 19th).

The vehicle was spotted by a deputy after he noticed the car was driving without its headlights turned on near the 2600 block of Highway 2. According to the Sheriff's office, the teenager took a corner too harshly, which forced him off the road around the area of 34th Street West.

The 14-year old boy will be cited into juvenile court and no one was hurt in the chase.

Once again, the classic move of 'taking the corners too harshly' has done in an under-age driver. Perhaps the youngster was hoping to prove something by showing off his driving skills and start a movement for those under the legal driving age. For now, it looks like the age requirements in North Dakota will remain as they are today.

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