Have you ever wondered where the other places called "Bismarck" are located in the United States?

With nearly 20,000 incorporated cities, towns, and villages in the United States, there is a chance that most of us live in a place that shares a name with another city, town, or village. Have you ever wondered how many other places with which we share the name "Bismarck"? A simple Google search will bring you to a Wikipedia list of nine locations in the United States with the name.

Bismarck, North Dakota seems to be one of the biggest cities on the list of all the Bismarcks in the country.

I was excited to find fun facts about the other Bismarcks in the United States. Unfortunately, quite a few of them are considered to be "unincorporated," so most of the information I could find was from Wikipedia. But it is still cool to know where you can find all the other Bismarcks! Check out where the other eight in the country!

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