The Gateway To Science in Bismarck is hosting a 50th anniversary celebration of the moon landing Saturday from 1 to 4. For information go here.

Fifty years ago this week we went to the moon.

July 16, 1969 the Apollo XI mission launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida (as it was then known) with three astronauts on what was to be the first full lunar expedition.

Those who are old enough to remember when it happened carry their own special memories of the events of that week, from liftoff to lunar landing, to the "walk" and the return home.

The late CBS commentator Walter Cronkite was on hand to cover much of the mission. Many will recall for example the audible gasp of relief from Mr. Cronkite and others on the set as we watched the LEM (lunar module) land in the Sea of Tranquility.

The actual walk came later that night (U.S. time). Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin explored the bleak terrain around the lunar module and snapped some memorable pictures, while unsung hero Michael Collins waited above in the orbiting command module.

Many Baby Boomers who were kids at the time got a kick out of staying up late (it was summer vacation) to watch the moonwalk.

Then came the trip home and the splashdown. President Nixon hailed the mission as "the greatest week in the history of the world..."

We welcome your thoughts and memories of the event. And tell us if you think we should go back...

[Source: NASA, YouTube]

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