It was a fun night last night at Sickies garage, here are some highlights.

Last night at Sickies was another fun one for all and we got to learn a lot about some of the bikers that were participating.

Such as:

  1. There were a decent amount of Viking fans in attendance.
  2. The Hat Girl at Sickies doesn't like being called Hat Girl (actually she probably hates it).
  3. There were only three Twins fans there that you can talk about stats with.
  4. Whenever you find someplace comfortable to sit, you will eventually have to share that place with bikers.
  5. Some bikers want to win the bike of the week so bad, they're willing to bribe you to win it.
  6. The Ray Jays were in full effect.

There were a number of people giving shout outs to the Ray Jays so since I'm a North Dakota transplant, I figured I'd do a little homework.

According to the city's website:

"The Grain Palace City"

Ray is a positive thinking community with an eye on the future. A small town it may be, but small town values, an excellent work ethic, and friendly ambitious people make Ray an excellent community. You won't find a better place to raise a family or start a business.

The Ray School System is the local school.They are a K-12 facility. The school mascot is the Ray Jays.

I'm going to have to check it out this summer!

It was awesome getting to know a little bit more about our community of bikers this week. Can't wait till next Wednesday! In the meantime, check out these photos from last night.

June 5, 2019

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