Bismarck and the surrounding area was very excited about the new BisMan Farmers Co-op opening last year.

Sean Gallup / Getty
Sean Gallup / Getty

The co-op featuring fresh and locally grown produce, salad bar and snack bar. Every seems to be going well , or so it seemed. As of October 16th, the co-op is more than 90 days late on $90,000 of unpaid bills. In total, the co-op owes vendors more than $236,500, According to the Bismarck Tribune.

Plus some local farmers, members of the co-op have also gone unpaid. Of that $236, 500, $42,550 of that owed to local producers. As of  October 16th, the co-op had only  $343 in its checking account.

Board members say bad management is to blame and the general manager says she's cutting costs and setting up payment plans.

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