French Fries are a great side dish. But I think they deserve to be prominently featured.

And I'm not alone. Restaurants specializing in just french fries exist all over the country. There's Pommes Frites in NYC, French Fry Heaven in Arizona and Ohio and even the Idaho Potato Commission has an entire web page dedicated to telling you what you need in order to start a french fry restaurant.

Bismarck-Mandan needs to fill this void. Think about all the different kinds of fried potatoes that exist:

-Straight Cut
-Crinkle Cut
-Waffle Fries
-Curly Fries
-Steak Fries
-Potato Wedges
-Potato Chips
-Tator Tots
-Hash Browns

And of course all of these can have 'sweet potato' counterparts. There can also be an option to have any of the fried potatoes served 'poutine-style' with gravy and cheese curds.

There's also an endless supply of dipping sauces and seasonings you can have to go with the fries such as:

-Honey Mustard
-Bleu Cheese
-Chocolate Milkshake!

You can probably think of more. This is a void you didn't realize exists in Bismarck-Mandan but now you realize how much we need this.

It's time to put a call in to your rich chef friends and tell them to get moving on this project. Here's some ideas for restaurant names:

-Time For Me to Fry
-Fry Me to the Moon
-Fry Like an Eagle
-Glenn Fry
-Fry Away
-Sparks Fry
-When Pigs Fry

Get to work people.

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