The final hours of Summer vacation are quickly speeding by.  Students will be going back to school this Monday in Bismarck, and a Bismarck Century teacher is being recognized for her work last year.

Century High School English teacher Karri Landeis was surprised to learn recently, that she was chosen as the 2019-20 Chamber EDC Secondary Teacher of the Year for Bismarck.  According to a press release from Bismarck Public Schools with no school last spring, these awards are being given this fall.



A group of her students wrote this when they nominated Landeis: “She is so tremendously dedicated to her work and cares about her students in a way we’ve never witnessed before. She makes leaning enjoyable and makes it obvious every single day that we’re in class that she loves what she’s doing, and she loves us. If anybody deserves teacher of the year, it would be her.”

CHS principal Steve Madler said he knows students love Karri’s classroom because the bell will ring, and the kids are disappointed to move on to the next class; they want to stay!

Something like that is very very rare.  Teachers really have the power to leave a lasting impression.  They shape lives and prepare their students for the many challenges they will face over the course of their lives.  I was lucky enough to have a couple of teachers like Karri Landeis, and their caring, compassion and the knowledge they passed on, still sticks with me today.  Bravo Karri Landeis.  Bismarck Public Schools is fortunate enough to have some of the best teachers in all of North Dakota.


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