You might not expect one of the top newspaper companies in the country to do a feature on Bismarck, ND at any given time, but that's exactly what the Chicago Tribune did.

The Chicago Tribune has recently been known to be ranked anywhere from as high as the 2nd largest newspaper in circulation to the 8th. In any case, it's pretty impressive when they do a feature on your city.

The article in the Chicago Tribune is titled:

'Bismarck beckons with revitalized downtown, new breweries — and butterhorns'

An excerpt from the article describes North Dakota's capital:

It’s the kind of place where people smile at you when you walk down the street. Stop to ask them a question, and you’ll likely get an answer along with some hospitable banter about the weather...In this town of roughly 72,000, no one seems to be in much of a hurry. That’s understandable given how compact the downtown area is; there’s no need to rush. Most everything is within walking distance, from restaurants, cafes and breweries to shops, art galleries and the symphony.

The feature mentions the Butterhorn restaurant and Fireflour as some stops to come through. Another topic of discussion was North Dakota's love for alcohol, as pointed out by mentioning several of the fine breweries already here, including Laughing Sun, Bismarck Brewing, and Ale Works, and some on the way such as Edwinton and Stonehome.

Outdoor adventures on the river received plenty of mention, as did Bismarck's historic sites at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum.

While we're certainly familiar with getting around town, it's a nice surprise to find a national publication that resides over 800 miles away from Bismarck has their eye on our city. You can read the article in full here.


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