The summer months are upon us and we all know North Dakota summers get hot no matter how our other seasons turn out. But nowhere in North Dakota gets hotter than Bismarck.

According to 24/7 Wall St., Bismarck is the absolute hottest city in all of North Dakota.

For their study, only the cities over 10,000 in the population were considered and in every state, the bigger cities tend to get the hottest anyway due to heat-trapping materials that can be found in any downtown metropolitan area such as asphalt, concrete, and metal. To determine exactly which city in each state was the hottest, researchers reviewed the maximum average temperature in the hottest month of the year over a 30-year time span between 1981 and 2010 based on temperatures observed by local weather stations. Bismarck was assessed as such:

> Avg. temp. during hottest month: 84.7° F
> Avg. annual # of 90° F or hotter days: 22
> Highest temp. recorded since 1980: 112.0° F
> Avg. year-round temp.: 54.9° F

Maybe these aren't such impressive statistics to some, but consider this, since June 9th of last year, we've set or tied four record high temperatures in Bismarck.

So yeah, it's going to get pretty hot in Bismarck in summer. Stay cool, North Dakota!


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