Black Friday has become its own holiday around the country, and Bismarck-Mandan is no exception. To make it easy on you, we called around to a number of local businesses in the area to get the lowdown on their holiday hours for 2015.

Many stores are opening on Thanksgiving, but there are also a handful that will remain closed. Here's a quick guide to the holiday hours and specials for a number of large retailers in Bismarck-Mandan.

It's always best to call the store ahead of time if you have any specific questions.  

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    Kirkwood Mall

    706 Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck, (701) 223-3500

    Kirkwood Mall will open its doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving evening and close at midnight. It will reopen its doors at 6am on Black Friday.

    The following stores will have their own Black Friday schedule:

    • JCPenney: 3pm Thursday - 10pm Friday
    • Herbergers: 5pm Thursday - 10pm Friday
    • Target: 6pm Thursday - 10pm Friday

    Check out the full list of Kirkwood Mall stores open on Thanksgiving.

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    2625 State St, Bismarck, (701) 223-0074

    Kmart kicks things off bright and early Thanksgiving morning, with stores opening at 6am. They will stay open until 10pm Black Friday night.

    Specials include a Kenmore refrigerator for $399.99, $69.99 Craftsman tool set, and more.

    Check out the complete Black Friday ad.

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    1400 Skyline Blvd Bismarck, 2717 Rock Island Pl Bismarck, 1000 Old Red Trail, Mandan

    Each Walmart location will open on Thanksgiving afternoon at 6pm and will stay open through Black Friday.

    Deals include a Fitbit for $59, a $298 40" Samsung Smart TV, and much more.

    Check out Walmart's Black Friday ad.

    Skyline Blvd location - (701) 223-0074
    Rock Island Pl location - (701) 223-3066
    Mandan location - (701) 354-6961

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    1129 W Century Ave, Bismarck, (701) 224-6745

    Bismarck Kohl's is open at 6pm Thanksgiving evening and through midnight on Black Friday.

    Deals include a 32" LED HDTV for $99.99, 50% off toys, and much more.

    Check out Kohl's Black Friday ad.

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    600 Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck, (701) 250-3180

    Target will open at 6pm Thanksgiving night and stay open until 10pm on Black Friday.

    Deals include a HD Video Drone for $394.99, $96.99 Beats Headphones, and much more.

    See Target's Black Friday ad.

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    Best Buy

    1207 W Century Ave, Bismarck, (701) 250-0577

    Best Buy will be opening up at 5pm Thanksgiving evening through 1am Friday morning. They will reopen at 8am through 10pm Black Friday evening.

    Deals include a 49" LED TV for $149.99, Blu-Ray DVDs for $9.99, and much more.

    See Best Buy's Black Friday ad.

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    850 Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck, (701) 258-9300

    JCPenney will be opening at 3pm Thanksgiving evening and remain open through 10pm Black Friday.

    Deals include a huge sale on boots, 7-Qt Crock pot for $49.99, and more.

    See JCPenney's Black Friday ad.

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    2700 State St., Bismarck, (701) 258-0111

    Sears is opening at 6pm Thanksgiving evening through 2am Friday. They will reopen their doors from 5am to 10pm Black Friday evening.

    Deals include 40% off or more on Kenmore Appliances hot buys, a 32" Class LED HDTV for $159.99, and much more.

    See Sears' Black Friday ad.

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    Old Navy

    933 W Interstate Ave, Bismarck, (701) 255-3363

    Old Navy will open at 4pm Thanksgiving afternoon and remain open until 12am Black Friday night.

    Specific deals weren't known, but here's a preview of what shoppers can expect.

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    1449 W Lasalle Dr, Bismarck, (701)204-0927

    Gordmans will open at 6pm Thanksgiving afternoon through Black Friday at 1pm.

    Deals include a 40" LED TV for $199.99, $19.99 boots, and much more.

    See Gordmans' Black Friday ad.

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    Dick's Sporting Goods

    1451 East Lasalle Drive, Bismarck, (701)989-7908

    Dick's Sporting Goods will be open at 6pm on Thanksgiving through 2am Friday morning. The store will reopen 5am through 2pm on Black Friday.

    Deals include 50% off various brand name fleece, sweatshirts and gloves, $119.98 Fitbits, and much more.

    See Dick's Sporting Goods' Black Friday ad.

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