Definitely not a good subject, but essential to talk about if you want to save some money.

According to West Dakota Fox News at 9  Bismarck parking enforcement changed from chalking tires to a new technology that captures license plates and determines the time from them. That technology has been so successful for the municipal court that it has since doubled parking ticket income from $92,000 to $180,000. Man, that's a lot!

The technology has allowed them to track us and while that is efficient, it does kind of scare me on the other things they can track. Pretty soon they'll be tracking our thoughts like in Minority report and be arresting us for pre-crime ! Of course I'm just making light of the situation but the ability for municipalities to track us can be good for them or bad for us.

Luckily the parking situation isn't as bad as other cities like New York for example where it's gangsta style the way they take money from you.  It is good to know that there is this technology out there and it's proving to be very successful. So Watch out !

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