An Iowa weapons company has donated assault weapons for local schools.

KXMB-TV News reported last week that the Brownells Company donated nine AR-15 assault rifles (the civilian/police version of the M-16) to Bismarck Police for school resource officers.

The donation grew out of concerns expressed by authorities in the wake of school shootings around the country in recent years.

Last week the police department had requested funds to buy the weapons. As KX News reported, the city approved more than $25,000 for the plan.

"We certainly think that schools should have increased security, so if that is something we can do to help, then we are happy to do it," said a spokesperson for Brownells.

One question some folks are asking: since the schools are getting the weapons for free, what will they do with the money the city approved for their purchase?

KXMB says they have reached out to local authorities, who as of Friday, had yet to respond.

[Source: KXMB-TV News]

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