The blue light technology will be installed at several Bismarck intersections sometime next year to help police catch drivers who run red lights.

The blue lights are known as 'Omni Directional Law Enforcement Confirmation Lights' and will help officers determine when a traffic signal light has changed.

Bismarck Police Department Commander of Traffic Section, Jeff Solemsaas states:

This confirmation light will be hardwired into the traffic signals so when the traffic signal turns to red these confirmation lights will come on...If an officer is at an angle where they can’t actually see the traffic signal itself or they’re on the opposite side, that confirmation will be illuminated so they can see that the light will be red for that direction of travel.

Officers will need to be in the area to see the blue lights illuminate as patrols will not be notified directly when a driver runs a red light.

The blue lights are the latest measure taken to assist the police force in traffic. While some states have red light cameras installed at stoplights to assist police, North Dakota has no laws that authorize the use of red light cameras – devices that photograph drivers running red lights and automatically issue tickets.

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