Just making sure you see this, in case you had your tickets and made arrangements for a babysitter etc

Hey you never know, there are sometimes when we don't go on social media - could be one of those weekends when you slept in, went to a movie, took care of chores around the house and you would have missed the news from yesterday ( Friday, November 30th ) - the famous Blue Man Group Tour, was scheduled for tomorrow - ( Sunday, October 2nd ) - here in Bismarck has been canceled.

Those that have seen a Blue Man Group show still talk about how amazing they are

There are about 7 to 9 full-time Blue Men is what their website says, and they are well known throughout the world - 25 countries they have visited, 18K buckets of paint splashed per year, so many people that I know were looking forward to their Bismarck visit, sadly it's not going to happen, at least fairly soon.

Due to unforeseen circumstances...

Of course, we all hope everyone is ok, but this is what Bismarck Event Center Facebook page posted yesterday:

"Thank you for supporting Broadway in Bismarck at the Bismarck Event Center. Unfortunately, the performance of Blue Man Group, scheduled for this Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, will not take place due to unforeseen circumstances.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. You will receive a full refund for your purchase in the coming days.
Please contact the Bismarck Event Center Box Office with any questions or concerns at (701) 355 - 1384.
Only customers who paid cash will need to bring their tickets back in for a refund."
No word yet if the show will be rescheduled.

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