As what remained of Hurricane Dorian rolled up the Eastern Seaboard past Canada, victims in many area were taking stock of the devastation.

In the Bahamas, thousands prepared to evacuate over the weekend; authorities reported the death toll (as of late Saturday) at 44 Sunday.

Bahamian Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands told ABC News that it is possible some victims were washed out to sea and may never be found, while many other bodies are feared buried in the rubble on land.

Abaco Island was especially devastated; the New York Times says the force of the storm essentially wiped out homes and infrastructure.

Along the U.S. coast the Outer Banks of North Carolina sustained some of the most severe damage. Authorities described the flooding on Okracoke Island as "catastrophic" with power outages and massive flooding.

Weather trackers say the storm hit North Carolina this week with 100 mph winds and at least 14 inches of rain.

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