The latest edition of the Madden video game franchise is set to come out in August and now ratings for both teams and players have leaked. For the start of the season, Carson Wentz's rating is at its highest yet.

In the first two seasons of Carson Wentz's career, his overall player rating at the beginning of the season, known as the 'launch rating,' was 77 for his rookie year and 79 prior to his second season. As we approached Wentz's third year in the league, his overall rating is 85.

Compared to his first two seasons, that rating has gone up considerably. However, the 85 overall rating is actually lower than what it was at the end of last season, which was 88. The obvious suggested reasoning for this would be the uncertainty of Wentz's capabilities on-the-field following the recovery from his torn ACL/LCL injury from Week 13 of the 2017 NFL season.

And just how does Wentz look at he continues to make progress in his rehab? Well, you be the judge...

The Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles were rated as the top team on Madden '19 with an overall 90 rating. Frankly, on paper, their team is pretty stacked. As talented as Wentz is, and with as solid of a ranking as 85 is (for any quarterback), he has the 10th highest rating on the team.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins earned the top overall rating on the team with a 93, followed by defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, center Jason Kelce, and defensive end Brandon Graham, each rated at 92 overall.

As previously mentioned, these ratings can change as the season progresses, and we won't know just how much until we get there. August 10th is the release date for Madden '19, but the actual season starts Thursday, September 6th. Maybe we'll find out soon after that date just how right or wrong these ratings are.

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