Carson's blinging out right now!

It's that time of year ... Minicamps have just finished and now a break before training camp. Oh... The Eagles got their rings. According to 247 Sports, The 11,600 ring is made of 10 Karat White Gold and features 219 diamonds and 17 green sapphires. 

Pretty sweet to remind you every day for the rest of your life that in 2018 you were a champion.

Carson Wentz... oh but he didn't play in the Super Bowl ... If Carson Wasn't on the team this team doesn't make the playoffs especially behind the arm of oft-injured yet effective Nick Foles. Carson earned every friggin stone on that ring for putting his body on the line week in and week out. 

All the "Experts" and pundits are going to be looking at the Eagles now to repeat. Especially because of the major media presence in the Northeast corridor. Hopefully, they can rise above the inte3nse media scrutiny that will follow them around all year.

Carson Wentz got a beautiful ring 2 days ago. 

Now let's see if he can get another one.  

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