You read that right. Bismarck, ND's favorite quarterback and now Super Bowl Champion, Carson Wentz is filling in for Vice President Mike Pence at an event this week.

According to TMZ, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will fill in for Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday (February 8th) at the National Prayer Breakfast. Pence will be attending the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Wentz received the call to be the keynote speaker at the event in Washington, D.C. The event is typically attended by several high-powered political, social, and business leaders from around the world.

Since 1952, every president has spoken at the annual event. Past guests who have been keynote speakers at the National Prayer Breakfast include Mother Teresa, U2 lead singer Bono, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Just hours after speaking at the event, Wentz will join his Eagles teammates in Philadelphia, PA for their Super Bowl victory parade making a busy day for the quarterback.

It seems as if Wentz is having the best week ever. Sunday, he became a Super Bowl champion. Then on Tuesday (February 6th), it became public that he and Maddie Oberg are now engaged. Now, he'll be filling in for the vice president. If VH1 still had that show, 'Best Week Ever,' we're pretty sure Wentz would earn that distinction.

This leads us to one more potential possibility; given that Wentz is filling in Vice President Mike Pence at this event, could it lead to more political appearances down-the-line for the quarterback? Will we one day see campaign signs with the phrase, 'WENTZ FOR PRESIDENT'? There's already t-shirts with that slogan selling on Amazon.

Maybe we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, but who knows? The young quarterback has a bright future as the Eagles quarterback ahead of him once he's healthy enough to play again.

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