During Super Bowl weekend, Carson Wentz will be recognized for his charity work at a fundraising event in Minnesota.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback from Bismarck, ND started his AO1 Foundation (Audience of One) near the beginning of the 2017 season. The foundation serves several purposes. Two focuses that have taken priority have been to help underprivileged youth and provide service dogs to those in need. During Super Bowl weekend, Wentz will be recognized by The Giving Fund for his selfless efforts.

The Giving Fund's Director of Sports & Entertainment Philanthropy, Charisse Browner, said of Wentz:

I call Carson my poster child for philanthropy. He just does it right...For him to be so young, in just his second year in the NFL, and to be so focused -- he is laser focused...He has donated an awful lot of money to charitable organizations.

Since starting up the AO1 Foundation, Wentz has held a number of charitable events in Pennsylvania and North Dakota. This summer, he will hold a charity softball game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

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