"If I Die, I Die" - Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings QB.
When people look back at the year 2020, they'll remember COVID-19 and probably call it "The Year Of The Mask". So much controversy of WHEN, and WHERE to don your mask, or is it even necessary? Does this facial gear help towards fighting off the virus...
TWO NDSU Greek Houses Quarantined
Class is officially in-session for many North Dakota Schools. North Dakota State University was one school that started up on Monday (August 24) afternoon. Now, not even one week into classes, TWO Greek houses on the campus are under quarantine
North Dakota, Where Is The Justice For Eric Haider?
To help Erich Haider's family get justice, you can donate to their gofundme page. You can also join the Facebook group, Justice for Eric Haider!!!
I watched the episode of "Still a Mystery" about Eric Haider, a man who went missing while working on a water pipeline in Dickinson…

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