Cool photo of the week is back and here's our latest winner!

Melody Trieu from ( according to her) rural Bismarck captured a beautiful sunrise this week off the back porch.  It's a photo with no unique settings, just a glimpse of a beautiful sight that nature gave us.

It's really difficult to capture the beauty that exists sometimes in these photo opportunities. It takes a lot of patience and an eye that can handle the perspective the photo opportunity presents you.

The photo was taken by a professional photographer, someone who is either gifted or seasoned or both.  Melody thanks for sharing your art!  In turn, we have a nice platter of Subway subs that you can probably use to hold a viewing party for the other pieces you have. You can also just have a nice party at home with your family. The cool thing about winning something is that you can do anything with it.

Next Cool Photo contest begins Wednesday