Here's a nice photo on what we call life in North Dakota. 

Kim Hamburger was north on Richarton and took a nice photo of what we in North Dakota call driving.

Don't know where she was going because it looks like nowhere, but I'm sure she made it there safely.

The great thing about the cool photo is that we spotlight really good pictures that can inspire others to be creative. I almost have the soundtrack in my head for this trip that she was taking. ....

Cyndi Lauper "Time After Time, "

Bob Seger " Accompany me,"

Mr. Mister "Broken Wings",

"In your Eyes" Peter Gabriel 

CW McCall "Convoy" 

Don't know if that was her choice but I'm sure she would probably enjoy it.

The fact that I had to think of 5 songs to play while I'm driving down this snowy road speaks to the incredible skill it took to take this photo and the inspiration it generated.

So, Kim  Enjoy your platter of Subway Subs, because this week you earned it!



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