While the rest of the unemployed masses dutifully send out resumes, a California couple decided on a different strategy instead and went to Disneyland every day for a year. And what did they get for this achievement? A free night in the Dream Suite, a luxury apartment located in the park's New Orleans Square. Um, congratulations?

45-year-old Tonya Mickesh and her husband, 40-year-old Jeff Reitz, decided to visit the Magic Kingdom daily as a way to busy themselves while unemployed. Makes sense, but it begs the question -- when did they have time to look for work?

“It was a way to keep ourselves occupied because we didn't have jobs,” she said. “Originally, we thought we'd get jobs and stop doing it, but we kept it going.”

Eventually, the couple landed jobs which required them to work at different times of the day. So, they went to the park separately during the week and reserved the weekend for trips together.

But their dedication paid off when they were made honorary citizens of Disneyland during a ceremony in front of the castle on New Year's Eve. Still, those famously long lines at the rides must have finally taken a toll, because the couple reportedly has no plans to keep visiting the park daily in 2013.

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