If you didn't know, now you do, but the caviar will not be harvested this year according to the Williston Herald.

Bryan Steffy / Getty Images
Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

Here's the deal, the market has been flooded with cheap caviar from china, and that has dramatically cut into the profits of this non-profit organization. North Star Caviar is the company which is a non-profit and this little known company has made enough money to donate more than $2 million to community groups over 20-plus years.

The harvest is normally in May from the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers. The annual harvest of paddlefish eggs is a deal for the wranglers, since North Star set up shop on the river since 1993 and the company cleans the paddlefish for free (as long as they are still alive) and get the eggs to make the caviar.

Since China eggs have come on the market, North Star still have over 1200 pounds of caviar from last year that sells for about $100 an ounce.

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