Domino's and Ford recently teamed up to test self-driving delivery cars in U.S. cities. Could these self-driving delivery cars be bringing North Dakota some pizza soon?

According to the New York Post, Ford and Domino's will test the project of self-driving delivery vehicles in Miami, FL and Ann Arbor, MI. Ford and Domino's will also partner with the delivery service Postmates to assist with the delivery service.

Once the order for the pizza is placed, the self-delivery car will go to the Domino's where a worker will place the pizza in the car within a heated compartment in the vehicle. The customer will receive a 4-digit pin via text message once the vehicle is en route. When the vehicle arrives at its destination, the customer will come out to the vehicle, enter the 4-digit pin, and then their pizza will be dispensed.

Should the test in these cities go well, more cities across the country will be added. Domino's is hoping to have a fleet of self-driving delivery cars on roads across the U.S. by 2021. That being said, perhaps Domino's in Bismarck may very well have these self-driving delivery cars within the next few years. It's certainly a possibility.

Chalk this one up to another prediction the popular Netflix show 'Black Mirror' got right. That being said, Domino's is not the first pizza company to have this idea. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut teamed up with Toyota for a self-driving pizza vehicle of their own which they hope to have ready by 2020.

Either way, self-driving delivery vehicles look like they could be making their way to North Dakota. However it happens, just give us our pizza!

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