Well, it's not Halleys' Comet but a Meteor shower is going to happen tonight if you want to sit on the porch and enjoy a beverage. 

The Eta Aquid meteor shower will be hitting the earth late Sunday night into Monday Morning with about 30 meteors an hour raining down on us ( probably landing in the middle of New Mexico). Due to the fact that there is no weather on the horizon, we could be able to see it.

How funny would it be though, some trucker is driving down 94 between Medora and Billings and out of nowhere he sees what looks like fireworks erupt from the sky and wonders if his coffee was spiked. Even better, some college dude is finally going to hang out with the girl of his dreams and a meteor lands on his car while he's getting ready to go out, poor guy.

Some religious fanatics might think it's the end of the world while others might look at it as something cool and unexpected on a Sunday night in May.

Hope you get to see the shower, I know I'm going stay up.

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