People are tough to shop for. Here's a thought: let's not shop for people. Let's shop for our fur-babies! You really can't go wrong with cat gifts, can you?

Cat Lovers Unite!

I have a cat, so naturally I must do what all cat owners do and share an adorable picture. Meet Penelope, otherwise known as "Penny," and taken a step further with "My Pretty Penny."



Ok, now that we've gotten the obligatory cat picture out of the way, we can brainstorm. Here's an idea: If you know someone who has a cat, or just want to put a gift under the tree for your cat, here are a few things you could buy.

ND Cat Owners Need These Gifts

Here are a few things you might want to pick up for the holidays.

Gallery Credit: Andi Ahne

Do You Even Love Them?

If you don't shower your cat in toys, are they even your best friends? Just saying. I hope some of these toys have tickled your fancy and will find their way under your or someone you know's tree.

If you are so inclined send us some chat messages with pictures of your furry friend. Hit the chat button in our app.

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Something else you could send our way: if you have a dog that has recently destroyed something in your home, send us a picture. We will use them in a future article and give you credit. Thanks so much!

More Cat Pictures For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Andi Ahne
Andi Ahne



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