Like it or not, for better or for worse, traditional religious practices are on the decline in America. 

And while North Dakota may have lagged behind, the trend is happening here as well.

A weekend article by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports a new survey indicates the fastest-growing religion in Minnesota is "none of the above."

That's including, but not exclusively, atheists and agnostics (or "humanists" as many non-believers prefer to call themselves). It also counts folks who participate in less "traditional" faiths, as well as folks who describe themselves as "not sure," and "spiritual, but not religious." Whatever that may mean.

In North Dakota, still one of the more "traditional" states where religious culture is concerned, the percentage of the none-of-the-aboves is now at 20% (Pew survey, "Religion and Public Life").

"Christians" still lead the pack in the Peace Garden State at 77%; non-Christian faith is at 3%.


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