Everyone knows the stereotype, 'Cops love donuts.' The Fargo Police Department decided to take it to a whole new level on National Donut Day on social media.

If you need a good laugh to brighten up your gloomy Friday, given the storms rolling through the Bismarck area, jump on Twitter and check out what the Fargo Police Department tweeted on the morning of National Donut Day. Some of the replies to the tweet are almost just as good.

(WARNING: The photos in the tweet below may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised)

What kind of person would perform such a cowardly act on National Donut Day? And now the only evidence is a trail of jelly. There's no telling if there are any leads in the case as of yet.

Forensics may have their hands full with this (I'm assuming that's something that's said in an actual case. I don't know, I think I've heard that on CSI or something).

Happy National Donut Day, everyone! We hope you were able to celebrate accordingly.

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