A new study by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association says that 15 percent of bridges in the state are "structurally deficient."

The study showed more than 660 bridges throughout North Dakota as being structurally deficient and nearly 1,400 bridges across the state are in need of repairs.

NDDOT has said there are concerns, but nothing is in danger of falling down. If so, they would close the bridge.

According to the study done by ARTBA, the Main Avenue bridge that goes over the Sheyenne River in West Fargo is the 'worst bridge in the state.' NDDOT is hoping to replace the bridge in the next four years, and will continue to do inspections for the bridge during that time.

The study done by ARTBA has found that across the U.S., more than 56,000 bridges have been labeled as "structurally deficient." For the 1.400 bridges in North Dakota in need of repair, the estimated cost is $262 million.

Source: Inforum

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