What terrible timing. 

There was a fire in Mandan last night that had the firefighters working over four hours to get under control. It started in the basement of a multi-unit house and spread. Currently, there is an investigation underway but the poor inhabitants of the house are displaced.  No word if any of them are in any serious trouble.

Here's the official word from the Bismarck Tribune:

The Mandan Fire Department responded to the fire in the 200 block of Second Avenue Northeast about 9:15 p.m. Firefighter/EMT Matt Hennessy said it appears the fire started in the basement or lower level of the multi-unit building and spread through the walls. Firefighters battled heavy smoke and bitter cold in their efforts. Twenty-four firefighters responded. There were no injuries.

As we continue to get more word about this event or displaced residents, we will keep you updated.

Such a tough situation, prayers for the families.

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