If only we could get a 'free for a year' deal on food the way Carter Wilkerson did for Wendy's Chicken Nuggets.

In case you haven't heard, Carter Wilkerson now has the record for the most retweets for a single tweet on Twitter. He broke Ellen Degeneres' Oscars tweet record of more than 3,430,240 retweets. And he did it all for chicken nuggets from Wendy's.

As you can see, Carter wanted these nuggets badly. He even created a hashtag, #nuggsforcarter. When his tweet had broken Ellen's record, Wendy's tweeted this:

This got me thinking, what foods in Bismarck would I want free for a year? Before I go down that road, first know that all this is a hypothetical situation, and no food places are actually advertising a deal that says, "Free Food For a Year." But if I had my pick, I've made a list. Also, I may have gotten a little greedy given the cost of Wendy's nuggets vs. our list, but why not?


  • Logan Fairchild
    Logan Fairchild

    Nardello's Pizza

    If I could have any pizza free from one year, it would be Nardello's. Their New York Style pizza is to die for. I'd even be willing to negotiate for a year of free individual slices.

  • Conor Williams
    Conor Williams

    Erbert & Gerbert's Subs

    If I had a go-to sandwich place in Bismarck, it's Erbert & Gerbert's. Typically, the Narmer or the Girf is my choice sandwich. But I'd take any sandwich off their menu for a year.

  • Scott Phillips
    Scott Phillips

    Taco Del Mar

    A Mondo Burrito with chicken, Monterey cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole would be something that would interest me and pretty much anyone for an entire year.

  • Scott Olson / Getty Images
    Scott Olson / Getty Images

    Sickies Garage - Burgers & Brews

    You could literally have any burger off their menu and you will not be disappointed. There's a reason for why they have "Award Winning Burgers." I don't know if I could have enough visits there for a full year to do their burgers justice.

  • Joe Belanger
    Joe Belanger

    Buffalo Wild Wings - Wings

    In case you haven't noticed, Buffalo Wild Wings has the best wing sauce anywhere. The one in Bismarck has fantastic service as well. They treat me like personal royalty every time I'm in there. Despite the fact that I'm not necessarily in there for the food most of the time (I watch a lot of games there while drinking beverages), if I could have a year of free wings, I'd be in there even more than I am now, which is often.

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