It's been a relatively mild winter,,, until now. 

Starting tonight ( Sunday 1/27)  Some of the coldest air North Dakota has ever seen will descend on us. The weather will stay with us till early February.  Here's the word according to the Bismarck Tribune: 

 According to meteorologist Patrick Ayd with the National Weather Service in Bismarck.

"This is the coldest air mass we have had this season," he said.

Wind chills Sunday night are expected to be as low as minus 50 degrees with gusts as high as 60 mph.

"Wind chills are going to be brutal across the state," Ayd said. "This is the coldest air mass we have had this season."

Ayd expressed high confidence in the cold temperatures extending throughout next week.

"That is prolonged," he said of the frigid cold that is expected to continue through Feb. 1.

Coming out of Church Tonight, that unforgiving wind hit me in the face ... man, I wanted to get in my car soo fast!

Be prepared to have cabin fever at least until this weekend.

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