If you happened to be at Bismarck State College yesterday, you may have noticed a new feature that local garbage trucks apparently have...the ability to move sideways.

On March 5th (Monday), a student by the name of Dalton Martian caught the video of a garbage truck moving sideways down Edwards Avenue.

It appears that the garbage truck was sliding on the icy road, which would probably make you think, "Only in North Dakota."

But what if local garbage trucks in Bismarck could actually drive sideways? That would be the coolest vehicle feature ever! I honestly haven't done the research as to how it can improve garbage pickup efficiency, but in theory, it seems to have benefits.

Have you ever been stopped at a light and realized you're in the wrong lane? If there's no car next to you, don't worry about trying to maneuver your vehicle with all sorts of crazy steering, just go into sideways mode, and boom, you're there.

It might be farfetched at this point, and I certainly wouldn't recommend that anyone should try to make their car drive sideways, especially on the snow and ice covered roads, but with the new technology being put into new vehicles every year, 'Sideways Mode' (patent pending) could become a thing.

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