Google's answer to Amazon Prime, Google Express, is now officially available in the state of North Dakota.

According to WDAZ, Google Express began operating in the state on Monday, September 13th, and allows North Dakota residents to shop at businesses they wouldn't be able to otherwise.

Similar to Amazon Prime, Google Express offers its customers two-day shipping. You can sign up for an annual membership, which is $95, or pay a monthly fee, which is $10. Signing up for a membership means you get unlimited deliveries. If you don't sign up for a membership, each delivery will cost you $4.99.

Google Express customers can shop at a handful of different stores, including Costco Wholesale, Guitar Center, Toys 'R' Us, and Whole Foods, among others.

Some of the stores you can shop, though, like Kohl's and Petsmart, are already present in Bismarck, making this service somewhat useless.

You can learn more about Google Express HERE.