According to a new poll posted by an ESPN radio show in Wisconsin, fans in Green Bay overwhelmingly would still support the Packers if they made Fargo, North Dakota their new home.

Of course such a move is not being planned and would never happen. The Green Bay Packers for those who don't know are a publicly traded team. Fans can actually buy stock in the team and therefore the Packers are literally owned by the fans.

The fans in Green Bay would never approve such a move.

But the question was asked by the show, 'Wilde and Tausche on Twitter following the announcement that the Oakland Raiders would be moving to Las Vegas. The move has upset some fans in Oakland who claim they will no longer support the team.

In the poll, 48% of fans in Green Bay said they would still support the Packers even if they moved to Fargo.

However, 46% of fans said they would not support the team with 28% saying "no" and another 18% saying "absolutely not."

Six percent of respondents said "other" whatever that means.

The Raiders are the second team to switch homes recently. The Rams, a team who played in St. Louis from 1995 to 2015, began play in Los Angeles in the 2016 season. The Rams previously played in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994 before moving to St. Louis.

Certainly Green Bay Packers fans in North Dakota, which there are many, would also support a move to Fargo.

But don't plan on the Fargo Packers ever being a thing.

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