The well known computer hacker group 'Anonymous' has come out in support of Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters.

Anonymous in the past has spoken out against the government and has successfully gained access numerous times to confidential and private documents through hacking.

In the video, the hacker group states:

Send the National Guard home and send the pipeline workers home or we will release all the documentation of the workers. You pissant guards in the National Guard we, Anonymous, are not afraid of you. You harm one hair on any of the Native Americans peacefully protesting the pipeline's construction, we will also release darks on you on the individual basis.

Anonymous also told the Native Americans to 'stay strong and stay safe' while also calling out the Governor for being corrupt.

The hacktivist group also calls out and threatens "Mr. Warren," referring to the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren. Energy Transfer Partners is the company constructing the pipeline.

Watch the full message from Anonymous above. Anonymous, not surprisingly masks their voice so we recommend watching with closed captioning turned on so you can fully understand what they are saying.

The video was released on Saturday and has been viewed over 125,000 times as of this post.