California Senator Kamala Harris got a nice boost in the polls following her performance in last week's Democratic debates.

The senator and former California attorney general now comes in tied for third with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

As Yahoo! News reported Sunday, "the number of Democratic primary voters who pick Sen. Harris as their first choice for president doubled after the first Democratic debates, vaulting the California senator into a third-place tie in a new poll."

Analysts speculate that the senator's upswing comes in part due to her confrontation with leading contender Joe Biden Thursday, in which she question the ex-senator and vice president's history in opposing school-busing for desegregation.

Mr. Biden maintains the lead at 33 percent, even after taking a five-point hit following the Miami debate. Senator Bernie Sanders maintains the second spot at 19 percent.

Ms. Harris still face an uphill battle, particularly among liberal Democrats (and civil libertarians in general) who maintain her record as attorney general was overly aggressive.

[Source: Yahoo! News]

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