You may think you had too much to drink when you see these new, colorful additions to local intersections throughout the Bismarck-Mandan area.

In Mandan on Main Street, you'll notice the colorful blue markings on the street at certain intersections. Mandan will be testing roundabouts in a couple of areas.  The temporary paint is at the intersections of 1st Street and 3rd and 4th Avenue, Northwest. This testing period will continue for a short time as the city wants your feedback on the idea.

Moving over the river to Bismarck, the city has added new and colorful pedestrian walk areas at Main St. and 5th.  If you walk out of the Elbow Room or Peacock and think you had too much to drink because you're seeing polka dots and color on the streets, it's not the booze, it's for real!


The area for the pedestrians is marked and the walk-way through traffic is also marked in bright vibrant colors. Drivers will have to share the road and the area where pedestrians can stand is well into the street or better yet, their area is off the sidewalk.

Reaction to both of the test programs have been mixed, what do you think?


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