While North Dakota is known for its incredible amount of beer consumption, there is something else we're drinking when we're off the river.

The Most Popular Soft Drink

I made the title of this article say "Soft Drink" instead of "Soda," because I knew everyone would come for me and say it's called "Pop". -- I'm from a Southern-ish state; we call it soda #SorryNotSorry.

So, I should probably get to the point. According to EatThisNotThat, researchers looked at Google Trends data to see which drinks people were searching for the most in each state. So, what soda.. err.. pops are North Dakotans drinking the most?

EatThisNotThat says North Dakotans are obsessed with Coke Zero.



It looks like Nebraska plays it safe; the states favorite drink is Sprite.


Minnesotans are all about Orange soda. -- My creative energy is tapped today, so pretend I inserted a witty Kenan and Kel reference here.



Michigan guzzles down Slurpee's like nobody's business, though I'm not sure that should count as a soda. Shenanigans.



Maryland must be full of hipsters because their number one searched soda is green-apple Jones soda. If you're going to get one, that is the best flavor.



The same source says people in my home state, Illinois, are searching for a soda called "Jarritos". I've never heard of this soda. I lived there my who life minus three years. Again, I call shenanigans.

That's All Folks

Anyway, I hope this was a "refreshing" break from your news feed. Thanks for reading!




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