When I lived in Minot back in 2015, I heard virtually the same question for years...

..."How come we don't have such-and-such here? Bismarck and Fargo has so many cool restaurants and a ton of stuff to do there..." Ok well, let's chat about that for a second, we all know they are more populated than the magic city, HOWEVER, one thing Minot has, and that Fargo is about to get their second one, is an extremely popular drive-in fast food restaurant - SONIC. People have fallen in love with their menu and their frozen drinks. I actually work with someone who takes a road trip with her kids with one destination in mind, 99 miles north. Right there at the corner of 16th SW and 35th AVE SW - MINOT. So check this out, according to darik.news "Global Dakota owns three other Sonics in North Dakota, including one in Minot, one in Grand Forks and Fargo’s first Sonic at 4470 26th Ave"

So now Fargo is going to get a SECOND SONIC, which leads me to pose an obvious question...

..."When are WE ( Bismarck and Mandan ) going to see one here in town?"  It's a perfectly reasonable question, don't you think? The projected opening date would be in the summer and the city recently issued permits for the building and parking lot for Sonic at 5205 27th St. Now listen, I can hear the negative comments now "Why should BisMan build a SONIC when there have been so many businesses and a few restaurants that had to shut their doors for good?" My opinion, if it's worth anything at all, is that we should always move forward, and never deny any opportunities - especially if SONIC wants to add a 5th one out here - bring it on!

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