A top 5 flood is possible for the Red River Valley and eastern North Dakota this Spring.  National Weather Service expects widespread run-off, road closures to be worse than usual for eastern North Dakota.

The threat of snow melt flooding across the Red River Valley this spring is high, according to the National Weather Service. Levels are expected to meet or surpass what was experienced in 2019.

There is a 50% chance the Red River at East Grand Forks will surpass last year's high point by nearly 2 feet, surpassing 48.8 feet. Last year's flood reached 46.9 feet.

The NWS also noted there was a 5% chance flooding will surpass the record set in 1997. River levels were reported to be 17.2 feet on Friday, Jan. 24, and major flooding is considered to start at 46 feet.

The season has already seen a record-breaking 29.5 inches of precipitation in the Red River basin. The historic October flood also left a significant amount of water frozen under the snow cover in crop fields and in ditches.

Governor Burgum is urging residents of North Dakota to get flood insurance now, as most policies take 30 days before they go into effect.

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