It was sixteen years ago that The Simpsons laughed off the idea of a President Trump racking up national debt, and while the real thing feels far less funny, the FOX animation staple still finds ways to make its voice heard. See who Homer’s voting for in a brutal Trump takedown.

Far ahead of any fall premiere, The Simpsons took a few shots at Donald Trump with a new video, imagining the different sides of either President being called to the Situation Room at 3:00 A.M. We’ll always have room for a few side-shots at Bill Clinton, but Trump definitely takes the brunt of the blast, especially as the team tries to assemble their leader (not to mention try to pry him away from Twitter).

Executive producer Al Jean also dropped a few tidbits to Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con 2016, teasing that in addition to the short, an upcoming episode would see Mr. Burns creating a “Burns University,” one of several likely potshots at the (alleged) billionaire. Jean even acknowledged that while the writing staff will likely vote Democratic, they try to resist the low-hanging fruit:

It’s no secret: I think most of the writers are not for Trump. Trouble is trying to stay even-handed, and it’s hard when a guy is saying, ‘I’m going to let Russia invade Europe and take over.’ … He certainly lends himself to animation, because the hair is amazing. We have [a web short] coming out, and you see what his hair is: It’s actually an orange cat he turns backward.

Looked more like a dog to us, but watch the short above, and stay tuned for more on the September 25 premiere of Season 28.

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