In case of a medical emergency, you will want to be treated at a hospital rather quickly. The website HealthGrove took a look at the emergency response times in each state.

In the rankings, North Dakota came in at No. 36 out of 50 with No. 50 being the state with the fastest response time. In other words, North Dakota is among the top 15 states in terms of the fastest response time.

According to the study, the average time of a patient's journey from their arrival to the hospital to their departure from the hospital is 127 minutes. Patients on average are evaluated in 21 minutes.

Patients with broken bones typically spend 54 minutes in the hospital before they are given pain medication.

HealthGrove also went ahead and ranked the slowest hospitals in the state, an unfortunate honor bestowed upon Trinity Hospitals. Trinity has locations in Belcourt, Devils Lake, Garrison, Kenmare, Minot, Mohall, New Town, Velva, Westhope, and Williston.

The state with the fastest medical response time was Wisconsin. Delaware had the slowest response times.

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