Governor Doug Burgum came into office already a rich man, so we decided to see how much the Governor makes annually in state salary. recently released the most and least paid head of state for the country.

Regardless of the annual salary the head of state makes, they get a lot of perks. For example, in North Dakota, Burgum and his family is about to move into a brand new residence. Plus the other perks including protection from the State Police and free travel for business and let's not forget about the power they hold!

According to MNT, the least paid governor is in the state of Maine, making a salary of $70,000. From there, the head of state in Colorado makes the second least amount of money at $90,000. The highest paid governor is in the state of Pennsylvania at $190,823.

North Dakota ranks at # 20 @ $129,096.

You can see the entire list here.


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