Some people put peanuts in their can of Coke, or maybe that's just a Southern thing, but imagine a dead mouse in your can of cola.

That was the case for a Mitchell, SD man who claims his lips came in contact with a dead mouse in his can of Coca-Cola. According to court records, Duane Putzie found a dead mouse in his soda can. The incident happened on June 7th after Putzie bought two 16 ounce bottles of Coke from a local gas station.

He drank the first bottle with no issue, but noticed something swishing inside his second bottle. Once he got home, he took a can cutter to his cola to find a dead mouse inside.

According to court documents, Putzier allegedly became ill the following day. He missed 60 hours of work, accumulated about $1,000 in medical bills and lost 30 pounds.

No response from the local Coca- Cola bottling company.


Putzier is looking for a settlement of $2,026, plus damages in any amount proven at trial, with interest.