It's National Oreo Day. So, of course, we have to celebrate milk's favorite cookie. Check out some "fun facts" about Oreos below:

  • The first Oreo cookies came to be on March 6, 1912 at the Nabisco factory in New York City. Believe it or not, the original Oreos were NOT chocolate. In fact, they were lemon meringue flavor, which was discontinued in 1920.
  • Double Stuf Oreos are NOT stuffed with twice the filling. Double Stufs are actually only 1.86 times more stuffed than traditional Oreos. And Mega Stuf Oreos are supposed to have three times the filling, but only have 2.86 times the amount of a traditional Oreo. But who's counting, anyway?
  • There's a mystery behind the famous "Oreo" name that no one has solved - why is the cookie named "Oreo"? There has been speculation and debate about the cookie's name. Some say it's named after the French word "Oreo," which means "gold," and others say the name is derived from the Greek word for "beautiful."

Do you know any "fun facts" about Oreos?

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